Most start-ups and small to medium sized importers or exporters don’t have their own logistics or supply chain manager, and from time to time, they need easy access to a source of expert, independent logistics expertise which can help them enter a new market, inform them if they could do things better or provide a solution to a logistics or Customs problem which is impacting their business. They also appreciate someone who is an expert in their field and can translate the jargon of logistics, Customs and international trade into a language they can actually understand.

This is where our Consultancy service is really useful and is most often used for:

  • Trouble shooting or gap analysis
  • Providing expert and unbiased advice
  • A health check or enhancement of their current logistics model
  • Customs compliance or classification issues
  • Advice on trading with new and unfamiliar overseas markets
  • Bespoke projects

This service is very cost effective for companies who just need to access expertise and support as and when required and provides direct access to all of our knowledge, influence and industry contacts.

A typical example was a company in Runcorn who'd exported their first order to Houston via a well-known courier but their instrument was stuck in US Customs as incorrect documents had been supplied. We advised them how to prepare and format new invoice, how to classify for US Customs and the second shipment went through to their customer in 2 days without a hitch. We love solving problems!

With the Consultancy service, we work as part of your team on a flexible basis, with clients engaging us for a particular project or on a monthly basis.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business which needs solutions or support, we can provide a cost-effective package tailored to your particular needs.

If this sounds like you, please contact us, we’re happy to explain how we can help and whether you decide to use us or not, you’re guaranteed to learn something!

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