Freight Reviews

With the 20% fall in the value of sterling after the EU referendum, this has had a significant impact on many UK businesses, particularly importers who source in major currencies like the US dollar.

Furthermore, as most freight costs are calculated in USD, this has meant that freight costs for both importers and exporters have increased dramatically, and they face erosion of margin or increasing their own prices. The increase in freight cost also increases their Customs import duty liability as freight costs are part of the value for Customs on the import Customs entry (C88).

This presents many customers with a dilemma as they would like to reduce costs or improve service but they really don’t have the resources or expertise to carry out an exercise like this professionally and they really don’t want to put their existing supply chain at further risk.

At SCL, our considerable experience and market knowledge allows us to quickly assess where savings and improvements can be made and, with our shared savings fee model, the freight review is self-funding and delivers significant net savings to your bottom line, money you can invest in other areas of your business.

Since 2010, we’ve delivered average savings of 35%, and as much as 60% in one case - and this was before the fall in the value of sterling.

But let’s be clear - this isn’t just a cost down approach - it’s important to us that the new service works even better than before. We achieve this by re-assessing the customer’s needs before we start and making these a key part of the request for quotation (RFQ) process and the new operational model.

Once implemented, we monitor service levels and manage the traffic day in, day out, providing the client with a source of expert advice and support. We also re-negotiate freight rates as and when they expire, keeping costs competitive, clearly defined and under tight control.

Many customers find our service to be so invaluable that they stay with us long term using our Freight Management service.

Our freight reviews are very thorough and include:

  • An analysis of your current freight activity
  • Preparation and management of a professional freight bid/RFQ
  • Engagement and dialogue with quality freight providers
  • Detailed presentation of the RFQ results and options
  • Implementation of new freight / Customs arrangements
  • Audit of all freight invoices / Customs entries
  • Detailed monthly activity reports
  • On-going freight cost management
  • Access to expert advice and operational support

Your initial consultation with SCL is free and without any obligation. We then carry out an assessment to review your activity and identify savings so you know how much you could save – and how we could also improve things operationally.

Need more reasons to use SCL? Download our brochure now or take a look at our testimonials. If you’re not sure, please contact us, we’re only too happy to talk to you and whether you decide to use us or not, you’re guaranteed to learn something!

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