Freight Management

Many UK importers or exporters have pretty flat organisational structures, and very few have the luxury a full-time logistics manager or supply chain manager to call upon.

Of course, most customers manage, but over time, they lose control of their freight costs, their service levels slip and they just don't have the time to manage this area proactively. This lack of control can waste money, affect their own customers and expose them to Customs compliance risk.

What we tend to find is that in many companies, logistics and compliance responsibility is usually passed to finance, administrative or purchasing staff, who do their best, but in truth, they don’t have the expertise in this specialist area, nor do they have the time, and this leads to several common problems:

  • Freight costs are high, confusing and unpredictable
  • They want to improve things but don't know where to start
  • Service levels are not consistent or reliable
  • Customs import procedures and classifications are unclear
  • Opportunities to reduce cost and improve processes are missed
  • They don't have access to impartial and expert advice

This is why it's so important that this area of your business is managed professionally, and what we’ve seen is that over 90% of customers who engage us for a Freight Review, having worked with us a year, then transition to our Freight Management service, and indeed our very first customer is still on board today, 8 years later!

These customers sit within our freight portfolio which means their freight costs are being closely managed, any service issues are nipped in the bud, and they have direct access to an unbiased and expert opinion on anything from fuel surcharges to Customs regulations.

Many customers also ask us to manage their Customs compliance which means that every single Customs entry is checked for accuracy and errors are corrected before HMRC spot them. If they do then receive notice of a Customs inspection, they have peace of mind, as they can demonstrate robust compliance, complete and accurate record-keeping and solid verification procedures.

If you would like to know more, please contact us, we’re only too happy to explain how we can help and whether you decide to use us or not, you’re guaranteed to learn something!

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