Here at Straightforward Consultancy, like the whole UK business community, we have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and it has changed the way we run our business, and the way we go about our daily lives. On a personal level, we have parents in the shielding category and fully understand the risks that the virus presents. In terms of our business, we are fortunate, in that most of our communication with existing customers and the logistics community is by phone, internet and email and so we have not had to make major changes to our processes.

Since lockdown, our customers have followed the same path as most other businesses, asking their staff to work remotely or to have elements of their workforce furloughed and so the periodic support visits we used to undertake have been put on hold. Apart from the international logistics challenges brought about by Covid-19 (which have been significant, as explained in greater detail in our Home and Freight Reviews pages) we have managed to support our customers just as before as we have a complete understanding of their needs.

Any changes we’ve made relate to new customers, where we like to meet with them initially, or to conduct a Freight Review or Consultancy project. Having said this, we live in the digital age of Zoom and Skype and so the face-to-face meetings have been replaced by these video calls, and although it’s not quite the same, it’s still pretty effective. Any documents we need to study, such as freight forwarder invoices or Customs entries can be scanned and sent by email or posted to us if there’s a large number. If we do receive anything by post, we quarantine the envelope and documents for 72 hours before opening. With our parents for example, we organise their online shop for them, sanitise it upon receipt and then deliver to them. That’s how seriously we take Covid-19.

So, in summary, although we aren’t customer-facing, like a retail outlet or a bank, we want to play our part in making our customers feel safe whilst at the same time maintaining a full service to them in these challenging times, and we will continue to follow all Government advice as it evolves.

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